65-Year Celebration of Ledo Ice Cream Legacy in Croatia

Over six and a half decades, the Zagreb-based ice cream brand Ledo has been an integral part of almost every household in Croatia. 

Ledo’s story began back in 1958 in a factory in Zagreb when Snjeguljica (Snow White) became the first ice cream produced in Croatia.  

“Ledo’s history begins with this famous ice cream. Snjeguljica (Snow White), with its delicate creamy vanilla and crispy cocoa topping, made history. Its popularity from the very beginning is best evidenced by the fact that just one year after production started, two million ice creams on sticks were produced, and by the 1960s, that number had risen to four million, enough for every inhabitant of Croatia to treat themselves to one Snjeguljica,” Ledo said, on the occasion of their 65th anniversary. 

Flavours that shaped memories

Ice cream quickly became popular, and the sale of Ledo products began expanding beyond Zagreb in the 1960s. Besides the timeless Snjeguljica and the now-forgotten ice creams Eskimo, Tongo, and Bongo, they first reached Stubičke toplice, Karlovac, and Varaždin, and soon after, they began conquering the former Yugoslavia.

In 1964, when the famous illustrator Slavko Marjanec created the bear character that would represent the company, another legend was born – Ledo Medo. Over the years, Ledo Medo has changed its appearance somewhat, but almost 60 years later, it remains the company’s mascot and a legendary Croatian brand.

“Over the years, some ice creams have become mere memories, while others have earned a permanent place in consumers’ hearts. Njofra, Ledolina, King, or Korneti, which are now legends we return to, were once entirely new and unknown,” Ledo add. 

What has always characterised Ledo products is innovation. 

“Careful listening to consumer demands and desires, the search for new, even better flavors, the introduction of new technologies to create a special ice cream experience and unique combinations. We are proud to succeed in this because our innovative ice cream concepts continuously win the most prestigious awards in the ice cream world,” Ledo said. 

In 2013, Ledo’s Torta ice cream was honoured as the best in the world by the International Association of Ice Cream and Frozen Food Manufacturers. In 2019, Lino Lada received the same prestigious title as the world’s best, and in 2022, Ledo’s King Majestic ice cream, with flavours of cheesecake, blueberry, and white chocolate, was declared the best in the world by the International Ice Cream Consortium.

Ledo is one of the largest producers of frozen food and ice cream in Southeastern Europe today.

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