Al Capone: Zagreb’s fresh destination for Croatian cuisine ‘Papica’

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Al Papone is in the heart of downtown Zagreb. Experiencing the warmth of Croatian ‘papica’ in a bistro setting, Zagreb’s newest culinary spot, Al Papone, is carving a place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. With a profound dedication to Croatian ‘papica’ – a term embodying soulful, tasty, homemade dishes reminiscent of family gatherings – Al Papone, which opened its doors last month, presents a unique blend of traditional flavours with an innovative twist.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Zagreb, Al Papone has swiftly made its mark as a vibrant addition to the city’s bustling food scene.

This family venture is spearheaded by the seasoned wine journalist Tomislav Stiplošek and curated by the enthusiastic hospitality aficionado Viktorija Akrap. Talented chef, Petra Sokač, whose roots trace back to the legendary restaurant Stari Puntijar, leads the kitchen.

At the heart of Al Papone lies the aim to offer an unparalleled dining experience without straining one’s wallet. The ethos of providing top-notch quality dishes using seasonal ingredients at affordable prices resonates through every aspect of their menu.

From dawn till dusk Al Papone beckons patrons from the early hours of the morning, greeting them with an enticing array of breakfast delicacies. From the classic omelette to the signature ‘Al Papone’ egg dish filled with portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, and smoked pork scratchings.

The toast selection boasts ten options, with highlights including the ‘Heidi’ toast embellished with prawns and avocado, and the ‘Pulled Pork’ variation crowned with a medley of greens and a secret sauce.

To sweeten the deal, the breakfast combo – comprising coffee, toast or eggs, and a glass of orange juice – ranges from a modest 9 to 12 euros.

Al Papone’s burgers steal the spotlight with their carefully sourced 200-gram beef patty. Offering six variations, these burgers will leave you more than satisfied. Notable mentions include the flavorful ‘Fire Burger,’ harmoniously blending meat, salad, and a distinctive duo of cheeses, all cocooned within a non-sweet bun sourced from the renowned Bread Club.

The pasta selection at Al Papone continues the tradition of surprise, boasting names that evoke curiosity and excitement. From the vibrant ‘Colours of the Garden’ pasta featuring spinach ‘pljukanci’ (traditional Istrian type of pasta) with chicken in a luscious vegetable sauce to the ‘Legend’ pasta adorned with pork loin, cranberry, and bacon in a tasty sauce, each dish narrates a unique tale of culinary excellence.

Prices for these pasta offerings range from 12.50 to 14 euros, delivering an exceptional value for the quality provided.

Patrons can also enjoy a range of meat options, including the succulent boneless chicken leg and thigh accompanied by celery and potato mash, or opt for the pork ribs, served with a choice of sides.

Those with a sweet tooth can try their delightful signature pancakes, filled with chocolate and topped with a tasty pistachio cream – a tantalising endnote to a great dining experience.

With the owner’s profound knowledge of wines, the restaurant boasts an impressive selection of wines that harmonise with the diverse menu. Additionally, there are an array of beers, including the renowned Brooklyn IPA from New York’s Brooklyn Brewery.

Al Papone, with its amalgamation of heritage-inspired flavours with a twist, is not just a bistro but an invitation to savour the essence of ‘papica’.

You can’t miss the strip out the front.

Al Papone
Address: Varšavska ul. 8


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