Armwrestling World Championship won by ‘Croatian Hulk’

Croatian strongman Rino Mašić has become a world armwrestling champion once again.

The 19-year-old has just achieved remarkable success at the World Arm Wrestling Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, by winning gold.

“The Croatian Hulk” secured the gold medal in the left hand category and the bronze medal in the right hand category in the 110kg division.

This achievement marks the first gold medal for Croatia in senior-level competition at the world championships.

Rino, who is from the town of Gospić in Lika, has won more than a dozen medals from international competitions and numerous Croatian titles so far in his career.

The Croatian first got into arm armwrestling when he was just 13 years old and started to take it serious when he turned 14.

“I just do strength training, nothing else, although you can do ‘recovery’ training if your arms are in a lot of pain after a day of strength training, but besides that, I just do strength training,” Rino told us earlier.

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(Photo: Private album/supplied)

The multiple-champion, who says he tries to eat foods with a lot of protein, has a message for people wanting to get into the sport.

“My message to any new armwrestlers coming to the sport or people who are interested in trying it out is just don’t give up and have patience, it takes a long time to find what suits you best when it comes to training, or the style that you are going to use when armwrestling on the table, take your time and be smart, don’t hurt yourself when starting of, watch some videos on how to set yourself up on the table and how to avoid the “arm break” positions,” he concluded.

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