Croatia’s Esteemed Folk Festival Welcomes Thailand’s Dance Group for the First Time

Vinkovačke jeseni The rhythmic beats of tamburitza, the soulful voices of Šokci and Šokice, and the warmth of reuniting with our cultural heritage are all on display as the 58th Vinkovačke jeseni (Autumns of Vinkovci) opens its doors once again to the world. This annual celebration showcases the priceless wealth of Croatia’s folk and cultural heritage. With its blend of traditional music, dance, and international flair, this event unites people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of unity and pride in the rich tapestry of Croatia’s cultural traditions. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the festival offers an unforgettable experience that showcases the heart and soul of Slavonia. Vinkovačke jeseni

Welcoming Tradition and Unity

The mayor of Vinkovci, Ivan Bosančić, greeted the enthusiastic crowd from the main stage, describing Vinkovci as a city that inspires with its beauty, delights with its hospitality, and motivates those who cherish traditional culture. This year’s festival theme revolves around “ducati,” symbolizing the strength and resilience of the Slavonian people and their region. These ducats, much like the people of Slavonia, have endured through the years. Mayor Bosančić invited everyone to join in the celebration, sing along, and savor the 58th Vinkovačke jeseni. Vinkovačke jeseni

A Confluence of Tradition and History

Vinkovci, a city proud of its customs and a deep-rooted history, saw a river of people pouring in from all corners of Croatia and abroad. Even those watching from afar on their screens were captivated by the unique narrative of “ducati,” brought to life by over 150 performers. Vinkovačke jeseni

A Glimpse of the Past with Oldtimer Club

Saturday noon offers a perfect time for a club exhibition in the heart of the city, courtesy of the Oldtimer Club “Stari sjaj.” The juxtaposition of vintage Vinkovci against the backdrop of 21st-century streets will create a mesmerizing scene.

A Day Packed with Entertainment

The festival’s diverse program continues at 2:00 PM on Ban Josip Šokčević Square with a full-day event called “Etno frizure svijeta” (Ethnic Hairstyles of the World). After hours of preparation, it will culminate in a fashion show at 10:00 PM on the main stage. Vinkovačke jeseni Prior to that, the first part of the National Folklore Showcase featured cultural heritage presentations by various KUD (Cultural Artistic Societies) groups from Croatia and neighboring countries. A true highlight of this year’s event will be an artistic ensemble from Thailand, which will grace the main stage at 6:00 PM, showcasing traditional Thai dances and earning comparisons to Croatia’s own renowned FA LADO. Thai dance group in Croatia These talented performers will be performing for the first time at the festival.

Racing Along the Bosut River

At 5:00 PM, the traditional “Maraton lađa” (Boat Marathon) will kick off along the Bosut River. Later in the evening, the festivities will shift to the Vinkovačke jeseni Square, where Šime Jovanovac and guest musicians take to the stage at 10:00 PM. Vinkovačke jeseni

The festival’s youngest visitors have one more chance to explore the vibrant “Dvorište ideja” (Courtyard of Ideas), which has been breaking attendance records. Vinkovačke jeseni

After tasting around forty pots of hunter’s stew (kotluša), the culinary judges are set to announce the best-rated dish at the 58th Vinkovačke jeseni.

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