Croatia’s First Personal Wine Shopping Service Introduced by AlmaBura

AlmaBura launches Croatia’s first personal wine shopping service

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The service aims to elevate yachting experiences in Croatia and premiumize Croatian wine

ZAGREB, CROATIA, 29 SEPTEMBER 2023 – AlmaBura introduces Croatia’s first personal wine shopping service, which aims to make learning and experiencing Croatian wine an effortless and bespoke experience. 

Founded by Charine Tan, a wine judge and co-author of Cracking Croatian Wine, and Ana Hozjan, a wine marketing consultant, the service is currently available for booking by yacht charter companies, agents, and charter guests. 

To create this bespoke experience, charter guests will complete a 5-minute online assessment. Next, they will receive a consultation call from the AlmaBura team, who will further define each guest’s preference profile. Then, the AlmaBura team will offer wine recommendations based on the preference profile, source the wines, and deliver them to the guest’s choice of marina. 

AlmaBura launches Croatia’s first personal wine shopping service

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The bespoke service can also be expanded to other gastronomic experiences: such as truffle hunt, winery visit, and food and wine pairing onboard. 

“Over the past years, we have received many inquiries from A-list guests who want to taste Croatian wine but don’t know where to start. Often, they also want specific Champagne and Croatian cult wine that a typical yacht provisioning company does not supply. Our goal is to transform this underserved market into ambassadors of Croatia’s fine wine and gastronomy,” said Ana Hozjan. 

AlmaBura launches Croatia’s first personal wine shopping service

Ana Hozjan and Charine Tan

In collaboration with MMK Systems’s Booking Manager, a leading provider of yacht charter booking systems, AlmaBura’s services will be available as an add-on service on platform. 

Martina Hrsak, COO of MMK Systems, said, “This partnership aligns with both companies’ commitment to enhancing the yacht charter experience through streamlined processes, digital convenience, and personalization.” 

Industry trends underscore the rising demand for themed yacht charters. Catering to such niche market needs can help yacht charter companies and agents diversify the market and elevate the levels of personalization and luxury expected in the industry. 

AlmaBura launches Croatia’s first personal wine shopping service

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“Through AlmaBura’s personal wine shopping service, we aim to combine gastronomic experiences, cultural narratives, and personalized luxury to help Croatia’s yacht charter industry create a differentiated experience. By targeting our marketing efforts toward charter guests, we are also uniquely positioned to help Croatian wineries reach premium wine consumers.” said Charine Tan. 

 Zachariah Hagy