Daily lunch now available at Zagreb’s exclusive Michelin-starred restaurant

Now you can order daily dishes from the first and only Michelin-starred restaurant in Zagreb

Noel, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Zagreb that has so far only served dinners, has announced that they will now also start preparing daily meals.

Their culinary team, led by Chef Bruno Vokal, will prepare one daily dish and a salad every working day, and the menu will also include three types of burgers and their signature štrukli, which they have been offering in the restaurant until now, Dobra hrana said.

Considering that Noel only serves dinners and opens its doors at 6 PM, you will be able to order daily meals, štrukli, and burgers through a delivery service or pick them up in person at the address Popa Dukljanina 1.

Noel told Dobra hrana that the daily dish and salad will be available only for lunch, while burgers and štrukli can be ordered throughout the day.

Additionally, they announce that they will prepare their daily dishes with the highest quality ingredients because they want to enable everyone to enjoy gastronomy with the Noel signature.

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