Dalić plans to summon new players to the squad

Zlatko Dalić, the coach of the Croatian national football team, acknowledged their recent poor performance in the Euro 2024 qualifying matches. Croatia suffered two consecutive losses against Turkey and Wales, marking the first time in a decade that they experienced such a setback. Dalić admitted that the team’s performance was below standard and that their opponents deserved the victories. He took responsibility for not sensing the decline earlier and failing to react in time. Dalić emphasized that the entire team, including himself, performed poorly and that it was not just an issue of individual players. He acknowledged the need for new and better solutions, indicating that fresh faces would be called up. Dalić also addressed concerns about midfielder Marcelo Brozović’s performance in the Saudi league and expressed his continued belief in the player. The coach highlighted the absence of key players like Ivan Perišić and Andrej Kramarić, emphasizing their significant contribution to the team. Dalić acknowledged that Croatia’s midfield trio of Luka Modrić, Brozović, and Mateo Kovačić were no longer performing at their previous level and that new solutions needed to be explored. While Dalić did not mention any specific players, analysts have mentioned Roko Šimić and Martin Baturina, currently part of the U-21 side, as potential additions to the team. Dalić also expressed his disappointment with Marko Livaja’s decision to retire just days before the Turkey match. He regretted the lack of communication with Livaja and believed that his presence could have made a difference in the Nations League. Dalić acknowledged that the atmosphere at national team matches has been lacking compared to the past but praised the support of fans in both Osijek and Cardiff. Despite the recent challenges, Dalić remained optimistic about Croatia’s chances of qualifying for the European Championship and stated that he would continue to fight until the end.

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