Don’t Miss Out on the Ultimate Croatian Blitva Party – Here’s Why

Croatia is renowned for its unique and enjoyable events, and one event that should not be missed is Blitvijada, the Swiss chard party held in Podgora on the Dalmatian coast. On September 29th, the town of Podgora will be adorned in green attire as both locals and visitors come together to celebrate the 2nd Swiss Chard Party at Don Mihovil Pavlinović Square. The festivities will commence with a children’s workshop, a photo corner, and a tale about Swiss chard and why Podgora’s Swiss chard is the finest. Entertainment for all ages will be provided by the Svijet čarolije Studio, while DJ Dupli and the Academic Band will take charge of the musical program. Indulge in the delightful Swiss chard ice cream from Premis, enjoy the offerings from Poetica Distillery Vrgorac, participate in a chard pie workshop, and savor the Jeti Fritters and other Swiss chard delicacies crafted by local associations, societies, restaurants, hotels, and individuals. The winner will be announced at the event. Furthermore, the kindergarten and primary school from Podgora will participate in a competition for the best artistic and literary work centered around Swiss chard. Alongside this exciting event in Podgora, visitors can relish the idyllic September weather, admire the beautiful beaches framed by the Biokovo mountain, and explore the natural wonders and attractions of the area. Organizers encourage attendees to embrace the healthy spirit by wearing green clothing and enjoying wholesome food. Culinary experts can still apply for the chard dish competition until September 27. Take a look at some highlights from last year’s Blitvijada below, and sign up for the Croatia Week Newsletter to stay updated.

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