Explore the Enchanting “Pupoljci” in Zagreb’s Grič Tunnel

“Pupoljci” Reinstalled in Zagreb’s Grič Tunnel

Pupoljci in Zagreb's Grič Tunnel

(Photo credit: Samir Ceric Kovacevic)

The artistic installation “Pupoljci”, meaning “Buds” in English, which promotes the contemplation of reusing objects, has been reinstalled in Zagreb’s Grič tunnel. This installation is part of the sustainable art project called UpArt, organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board. The project aims to explore an ecological approach to art and the potential transformation of used objects into artwork.

Pupoljci made from discarded materials

(Photo credit: Samir Ceric Kovacevic)

The “Pupoljci” installation is crafted entirely from discarded plastic bags, tarps, unusable umbrellas, and leftover metals from production. These materials were redirected from the landfill to the art studio, where they were hand-processed with minimal ecological impact. The installation highlights the theme of recycling and up-cycling objects, inspired by motifs and organic forms found in nature.

Creative team behind the installation

(Photo credit: Samir Ceric Kovacevic)

The UpArt project, initiated by the organization “Art for the City,” is responsible for the installation. The creative team behind “Pupoljci” includes Jelena Petric, Jelena Malenica, and Marta Grbešić for installation and arrangement design, Andrija Santro for light design, Hrvoje Nikšić for sound design, and Ana Mikin for project development, creative direction, and production.

UpArt as part of Artupunktura platform

(Photo credit: Samir Ceric Kovacevic)

UpArt is part of the larger Artupunktura platform for culture and art organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board and its partners. The platform aims to stimulate cultural offerings in Zagreb and position the city as a creative hub and a destination for urban and contemporary cultural scenes in this part of Europe.

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(Photo credit: Samir Ceric Kovacevic)

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