Exploring Slavonia and Podravina: 5 Must-Visit Destinations from Castles to Poppy Fields

Explore the enchanting Virovitica-Podravina County in Croatia’s east and discover a multitude of captivating sights to photograph and unforgettable experiences. This region is home to two UNESCO areas – the Drava River and the Papuk Nature Park. With its charming cities and towns, alluring castles, and the Noble Route, this region offers endless inspiration for stunning photographs.

Virovitica, the modern city of bridges, will be an irresistible photo subject. Five attractive bridges connect the city to the magnificent Pejačević Castle in its center. These bridges pay homage to Virovitica’s past as the “Little Venice” with its 16 bridges. Whether it’s the sparkling Mirror Bridge, the Musical Bridge that plays a tune as you cross it, the Portal Bridge, the Gymnasium Bridge, or the Bridge of Lovers, a popular spot to capture newlyweds, you won’t know which one to photograph first.

Escape the urban hustle at Janković Castle in Suhopolje, where you can capture more than just great photos. With its 30 comfortable rooms, this castle is an ideal choice for accommodation and a relaxing break. The castle’s beauty resembles those from fairytales like Snow White and Cinderella. You’ll also learn about the true love story of nobleman Elemir Janković and his chosen one, Ilka, the estate manager’s daughter. The Suhopolje Janković Castle, now a modern visitor center with a picturesque garden, offers numerous hotspots for perfect photos.

Jankovac Forest Park on Papuk is a breathtaking mountain valley within the Papuk Nature Park. It so impressed nobleman Josip Janković that he decided to make it his home. The Jankovac Forest Park, named after him, is an idyllic place that will leave you awe-struck. With two lakes, the stunning Skakavac Waterfall, educational trails, bridges, canoeing opportunities, and a mountain lodge for relaxation, this is the perfect destination for a day trip filled with amazing photo opportunities showcasing the diverse shades of green.

Visit the Geo-info Center in Voćin, where a multimedia display will transport you millions of years back in time to learn about the fascinating history of Papuk, now a Nature Park. The center’s most striking exhibit is a dinosaur, perfect for capturing unique photos. Whether you strike a pose with the dinosaur or explore the center’s other features, you’ll be surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty.

During your journey through Slavonia and Podravina, don’t miss the mystical Drava Island in Križnica, connected to the mainland by a ferry and a 250-meter suspension bridge. As you ride a bike, take a tourist train, or drive through Križnica, the poppy fields on both sides of the road will surely catch your attention. This magical sight will compel you to stop, reach for your phone, and snap numerous beautiful photos, and of course, capture a selfie to remember this unexpectedly delightful journey.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Virovitica-Podravina County and create lasting memories with your stunning photographs.

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