Exploring Zagreb Burger Festival: Unveiling a Variety of Pizza-Burger Hybrids and Wagyu-Coffee Creations

The Zagreb Burger Festival has officially begun in Dr. Franjo Tuđman Park, offering a variety of delicious food and entertainment for the next ten days. Festival Square, adorned with charming decorations and ample seating, is surrounded by 20 food stalls serving different types of burgers. There are also two spacious kids’ zones with trampolines and creative workshops, as well as the Zagreb Street Art Zone featuring artwork from 183 artists worldwide, live art performances, and free street art tours throughout the city. The festival will also include five live concerts, two silent cinema screenings, and two cooking shows, all of which are free to attend. Visitors have been eagerly trying out the diverse and imaginative range of burger options available, including unique creations such as the Cheesy Burger with coffee-infused Wagyu beef and the Burger Jam with blueberry jam. The festival is also popular among locals for the opportunity to meet renowned chefs from Croatia, including MasterChef judges and a Michelin star chef, who prepare burgers right in front of the attendees. Whether you prefer classic combinations or want to explore more adventurous flavors, there is something for everyone at the festival. In addition to burgers, a dedicated stall offers a variety of fries and sweet potato fries with different toppings and sauces. For those seeking Asian flavors, the Burger Institute offers the Spicy Korean burger. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy plant-based burgers and plant-based eggs served by Beg’s Plant Based as part of their Brunch Burger. Mrs. Fogg, a beloved local pizza and bar establishment, serves a unique dish called Pannicarno, a patty served in double-baked pizza dough. To quench your thirst, Gingle Bells, a popular cocktail bar, offers a range of creative cocktails, including the TerraGino Fusion. For dessert, the pink truck Pri suncu serves artisanal gelato in various flavors. Central Bar is well-stocked with premium liquors, Staropramen beer, top wines, and non-alcoholic beverages. Visitors have the opportunity to vote for their favorite burger by scanning the QR code at each stall, with the winner to be announced on the final day of the festival. Entrance to the festival is free, and it is open daily from noon to midnight until September 17th.

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