Get ready for Zagreb’s ultimate burger festival starting soon!

Get ready for the most extravagant burgers you have ever tried! One of the most loved food events in Croatia – the Zagreb Burger Festival is about to start on September 7th at spacious and romantic Tuđman Park. During ten days, the festival will feature 20 charming stalls with food and drink. There you will find some of the top Croatian chefs, even one with a Michelin star. For the first time ever, brioche buns will be made from scratch on-site and baked in front of the guests by the popular Boogie Lab, but the extravaganza doesn’t stop there. Besides already known and adored classic burgers that will be available, you will be able to try some of the bravest and unexpected combinations of ingredients and flavors.

Chef Ivan Pažanin and Chef Marko Palfi at Full Circle will be making Dekadent 2.0 burgers with Wagyu and Txogitxu beef flavored with coffee. They will also introduce a Fishy Asian burger with tuna and salmon, flavors of wasabi, soy sauce, and ginger. Burger Jam, on the other hand, will make a burger with blueberry jam, and another with pears and Raclette cheese melted by fire in front of you. Picnic Mingle and Fun are ready to seduce you with their famous Blackie Burger, but also you shouldn’t miss out on their Burger with Shrimps. You might get a unique WOW effect at Beg’s Plant-Based because you will discover that your Crispy Chicken or Spicy Chicken burger didn’t have any meat in it and from the taste of it, you’d never have guessed it. The popular regional chain Submarine will be offering their best sellers along with a new Greek burger with fetta cheese and tzatziki sauce.

Burger Institute by Mate Janković will delight you with a Spicy Korean burger, while Chefs Burger by Ivan Pažanin has a delicious Crispy Onion burger. Mrs. Fogg will offer their authentic dish Pannicarno – a unique combination of a burger and sandwich served in double-baked pizza dough cut in the form of a burger bun. Besides these dangerously delicious burgers, there will be artisanal gelato, refreshing signature cocktails at the Gingle Bells stall, and perfectly chilled beer at Central Bar. During ten days, the Burger Festival will host five live rock, hip hop, and funk concerts free for all visitors. There will be silent cinema screenings, DJs, free culinary workshops, and a burger-making competition for visitors ready to impress chefs Janković, Srdoč, and Pažanin.

A huge Kids area will be prepared to entertain and safeguard children every day, and all of this will be surrounded by and immersed in a Zagreb Street Art Festival featuring 165 artists from 33 countries. Live art performances, panel discussions, workshops, and free Street Art Hunt tours will be taking place throughout all ten days. For more information, including the complete list of restaurants, event schedule, ways to apply for workshops, and daily updates, check the Burger Fest’s Facebook page. The Zagreb Burger Festival will be held at Park Dr Franje Tuđmana, Zagreb from September 7th to 17th, from noon to midnight, and the entrance is free.

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