Highlights and Complaints from Tourists in Croatia this Summer

Tourists' gripes and delights in Croatia this summer


From the pristine coast, to cultural wonders and delightful cuisine, Croatia has long been a magnet for tourists seeking sun-soaked adventures and historical treasures.

As Croatia farewells another summer, Pun kufer delved into the tales of tourists’ gripes and delights from the Croatian experience this summer.

Judging by tourist forums and blogs, tourists in Croatia mostly complain about – other tourists. They long for the times when visitors avoided Croatia and went to Spain and Italy to find more space for themselves.

Crowds annoy them, and they also complain about transportation by buses and ferries. However, amidst the complaints, there are many praises – primarily due to the beautiful nature.

Croatian records 16% increase in tourist arrivals in first half of 2023


“Croatia used to be cheap, a niche destination because people mostly flocked to Spain and Italy. Now, hordes of tourists are everywhere. Catamaran tickets sell out early, and you can’t buy them online in advance. Airbnb and hotels are fully booked.

Tourist traps are everywhere – they’ll charge you 7 euros for a bottle of water. You can’t even get Uber. Long lines lead to every cash register. All places, from restaurants to attractions, are full of tourists, and moving through rivers of tourists on staircases is terrible.

I also don’t understand why transportation is so confusing despite Croatia being a tourist hotspot.

The ferry schedule is confusing.

There are approximately four different operators with different working hours. Ticket booths are not easy to find because Google doesn’t display them. When you try to buy tickets online, it says they’re unavailable without an explanation, but when you arrive at the counter, you can buy tickets without a problem.

New fast catamaran lines connecting Split and island of Brač introduced

Ferry from Split

For bus stations that run from Stari Grad to Hvar Town, you have to ask the locals because you can’t find them online.

And yes, it’s ironic that as a tourist, I’m complaining because the place is touristy, but if I had known all of this, I wouldn’t have come to Croatia,” said a disappointed visitor on Reddit, to which other forum members advised him not to travel during peak crowds or choose quieter destinations because Croatia has a long coastline where everyone can find a place to their liking.

The tourist who is bothered by tourists is not the only one who has complained about Croatian transportation:

“Traveling by bus in Croatia is a lottery, especially in the middle of the season when they often run late. There are all sorts of drivers: from those who will help and joke to the rude and arrogant ones.”

Visitors to Plitvice Lakes National Park also complain about the crowds.

Crowds in Croatia’s most visited national park in September, while there is still a decent number of tourists in the country

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