In Pictures: Celebrating Dražen Petrović’s 59th Birthday in His Hometown

October 22, 2023 in Sport (Photo: City of Šibenik)
A commemorative event took place today at the Dražen Petrović monument in Baldekin, Šibenik, to honor the 59th birthday of the Croatian basketball legend. Born in Šibenik on October 22, 1964, Petrović tragically lost his life in a car accident in Germany at the age of 28, shortly after playing for Croatia in Poland in 1993. Delegations from the City of Šibenik, Šibenik-Knin County, sports clubs, and associations paid tribute to one of the greatest basketball players of all time by laying flowers at his monument. (Photo: City of Šibenik) (Photo: City of Šibenik)
“Dražen was Šibenik’s pride, a symbol of our city, and we take great pride in telling the younger generations about him. It is important for children to learn about his passion for sports and his love for his hometown, so that the memory of Dražen, who brought glory to Šibenik, can live on,” said Deputy Mayor Danijel Mileta. (Photo: City of Šibenik)
Deputy County Prefect Iris Ukić Kotarac also spoke at the event. The Bunari choir performed the song ‘Život leti kapetane’ (Life Flies, Captain), and students from the Juraj Šižgorić Elementary School hosted the program. Flowers and candles were placed beneath Dražen’s basket on Petra Preradovića Street. (Photo: City of Šibenik) (Photo: City of Šibenik)
As part of the celebration of Dražen Petrović’s birthday, the “Šibenik Ten” and “Dražen’s Four” athletic races were held yesterday. Today, the 22nd Dražen Petrović Cup basketball tournament will take place at the Baldekin Sports Hall. Dražen Petrović was born in Šibenik on October 22, 1964. (Photo: City of Šibenik) (Photo: City of Šibenik)
Recognized as the Best European Basketball player in History, Petrović had a remarkable career with the New Jersey Nets, averaging 20.6 points in 36.9 minutes per game and nearly leading all NBA guards in field goal percentage (51%). He never missed a single game. (Photo: City of Šibenik) (Photo: City of Šibenik)
Dražen also achieved Olympic basketball medals, as well as a gold and a bronze at the FIBA World and European Championships.
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