Milo Hrnić, Renowned Croatian Singer, Succumbs to Death

Legendary Croatian singer Milo Hrnić has passed away today after a long illness at the age of 73 years old.

 Dubravka Hrnić, the wife of the Dubrovnik singer, confirmed the news today, 24sata reported.

“Yes, unfortunately, it’s true. He passed away in the hospital this morning. We were recently in Zagreb; he had surgery at the Merkur Hospital, and everything seemed to be improving. He was discharged for home care about ten days ago and started to recover, but things got complicated again because it seems he contracted a hospital-acquired infection. His body couldn’t withstand it anymore.”

Hrnić has sold more than a million sound recordings, released 20 albums, and over 200 songs.

At the Split Music Festival, he first won in 1982 with the song “Vrati se” and then again the following year with “Dalmacijo, ljubav si vječna.” He was once again declared the winner in 1987 when he performed the song “Dobra večer prijatelji.”

Some of his other hits include “Kome bi šumilo more moje sinje,” “Požurite konji bijeli,” “Golubice bijela”, and “Bez tebe.”

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