New IT Park Development in Osijek Boosts Thriving Tech Scene with €8.5 Million Investment

The Mayor of the Croatian city of Osijek, Ivan Radić, along with his associates, construction teams, and technical supervision, visited the construction site of the IT business centre, the central building of the Osijek IT Park yesterday.

Mayor Radić expressed satisfaction with the progress and reported that the opening is expected in mid-January next year.

“The building spans 4,000 square meters and will feature a modular conference hall with 305 seats that can be partitioned, 30 offices, co-working space, an IT laboratory, a catering facility, and all other amenities needed by the Osijek IT community to continue growing at the desired pace. The construction’s value is 8.5 million euros, with a substantial 4.4 million euros in non-refundable funds from the European Union,” stated the Mayor, emphasising the city’s partnership with the Osijek IT community.

Osijek's thriving tech scene: New €8.5 Million IT park development

(Photo: Grad Osijek)

“The IT community in Osijek currently employs about 1,500 people, and our goal is to attract smaller companies to this IT business building that may not be strong enough to construct their own facilities. This would create a synergistic effect, enabling these companies to become strong enough to build their own facilities and employ our fellow citizens. The IT scene in Osijek and the overall economy would thrive as a result,” he added.

The Mayor also highlighted that out of the nine plots in the IT Park, six have already been leased, and regulations for leasing business offices in the central building of the park are currently being drafted.

Ante Ćurić from Massa d.o.o., the company responsible for the construction, mentioned that everything is progressing as planned but that there is still much work ahead.

Osijek's thriving tech scene: New €8.5 Million IT park development

(Photo: Grad Osijek)

“The most challenging aspect is the construction itself, where we have about another month of work. The space is quite tall, and there are many concrete works, which is the most challenging part. After that, finishing works will follow, although we are already well underway with the facade, partition walls, and plaster. For now, we are satisfied with the progress,” said Ćurić.

Mihael Tomić, the President of Osijek Software City, emphasised the importance of the IT Park for the Osijek IT sector, which has experienced a 50 percent growth in the past five years.


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