New Phase Unveiled as Croatia’s Sole Dry Pet Food Factory Embarks on New Journey

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The only Croatian dry pet food factory opens new chapter in its business story

(Voli Voli)

VIROVITICA, October 26, 2023 – After eight years of successful operation, the Good Food Factory, the only producer of extruded pet food in Croatia and Slovenia, is rebranding its brand to “Voli Voli”. 

This rebranding marks a significant milestone for the company that began its mission to promote the health and well-being of pets in the Croatian city of Virovitica in 2012 and now plans to expand its offerings and strengthen its presence in the market, both in Croatia and beyond its borders.

The modern factory with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour currently employs 15 people, with a special emphasis on employing local residents from the Virovitica-Podravina County. 

It exports its products to Romania and Greece, while simultaneously engaging in intensive negotiations for exports to Italy and other markets.

The name “Voli Voli” aims to communicate the mutual love between pets and their owners, which is why the inspiration for the brand name came from real stories of pet owners, focusing on the idea of reciprocating love to pets through high-quality food.

The only Croatian dry pet food factory opens new chapter in its business story

(Voli Voli)

“After years of effort and dedication, we feel it is time to take a step forward. ‘Voli Voli’ symbolizes the desire to provide only the best to our pets, as well as our love for them, which is expressed not only through daily care, attention, or walks but, most importantly, through high-quality food. We believe that through a balanced diet, controlled recipes designed by experts, and healthy and locally sourced ingredients, we can provide pets with the necessary nutrients to enjoy everyday pleasures together. Our food bears a new name, but the same quality and dedication,” said director Mauro Lukić.

All ingredients are carefully selected and serve as a source of essential fatty acids, minerals, fibers, vitamins, and even 70% meat proteins, without artificial colors and flavors. 

The only Croatian dry pet food factory opens new chapter in its business story

Mauro Lukić (Voli Voli)

The result is satisfied, healthy pets full of energy. In addition to focusing on quality, the company also collaborates with experts in the fields of veterinary medicine and food technology, as well as local raw material and packaging producers, thereby promoting the economic development of Virovitica and surrounding areas. 

Through systematic testing and innovative recipes, they have achieved remarkable results and recognition in the industry. The location of the factory in the entrepreneurial zone of the city of Virovitica, covering an area of 1,000 square meters, was chosen precisely for the availability of the highest quality domestic raw materials. 

Although only dog ​​food has been available so far, the factory emphasizes that they will soon expand their range to include cat food, and premium lines of pet food are also planned.

Voli Voli

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