Open Call for Croatian Diaspora Members to Participate in Bernays Study in Zagreb

Study in Croatia and Discover All the Beauties of the Homeland

Edward Bernays University of Applied Sciences is once again looking to attract young members of the Croatian diaspora to experience academic life in Zagreb under the slogan #BeReady2Return. The Call for applications is open until 17 September 2023

The #BeReady2Return project has been implemented since 2021 with the aim of encouraging young members of the diaspora to return to Croatia. Through the experience of studying in Zagreb, rediscover your roots, explore Zagreb and the rest of Croatia, make friends, as well as gain international experience, build your future career and business network. Currently, students from the US, Chile and Tanzania are participating in this project.

The Call is open in the 2023/2024 academic year for the enrollment of four members of the Croatian diaspora for the Communication Management (CM) and Business Administration (BBA) undergraduate study programmes and the Public Relations Management (PRM) and Leadership and Management (MLM) graduate study programmes.

The top four candidates who apply for the Call have the opportunity to receive one free tuition for all years of study and up to three tuition fees reduced by 50 percent for all years of study.

University in Zagreb attracting Croatian diaspora members with Open Call for studying

Bernays (Photo: Sasa Cetkovic)

Through the structure of teaching in innovative study programmes, Bernays combines modern scientific knowledge with practical market experience.

Bernays’ lecturers are some of the most prominent experts from the domestic and foreign business scene, as well as scholars with many years of academic experience. From the very first year, students build their business network and cooperate with future employers – the best experts, companies, agencies, research institutes and media companies.

Every fourth student is employed already during their studies, and upon completion of graduate programmes at Bernays, they acquire the professional title of “master” and can continue their education in postgraduate study programmes.

It was through the #BeReady2Return programme that Marina Kaleb and Tanya Victoria O’Malley returned to their ancestral homeland.

Marina is 22 years old and grew up in East Africa; Tanya is also 22 years old and comes from Maryland, USA. Both are thrilled with the programme, studying at Bernays and living in Zagreb, and are considering staying to live and work in Croatia even after completing their studies.

University in Zagreb attracting Croatian diaspora members with Open Call for studying

Bernays (Photo: Sasa Cetkovic)

Classes at Bernays take place in Croatian with certain courses delivered in English, while exams can be taken in Croatian or English. The Call is open until 17 September 2023, and all members of the Croatian diaspora (excluding Bosnia and Herzegovina) under the age of 30 can apply.

More information about the study programmes can be found at, and the terms of the Open Call can be found at link.

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