Opportunity to Join a Croatian Film in Zagreb: Casting for Extras

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American novelist finds home and inspiration in Croatia


Imagine having the chance to step into the world of a Croatian feature film set against the backdrop of 1941, right in the heart of Zagreb. 

Male and female extras, aged up to 35, who can portray students from that era, are currently being sought. If you fit the bill, read on for more details about this opportunity. 

The filming will take place in Borongaj, Zagreb, from October 5th to October 9th. 

“The story is set in 1941, so we are seeking individuals who fit the appearance of that era – men with slightly longer hair, without beards, and women with shoulder-length hair, without artificial eyelashes and artificial nails,” the production company says, adding the foreigners living in Zagreb are also welcome to apply. 

Daily allowances, transportation, meals, and, of course, a good time, is offered to extras selected.

“Extras must be willing to cut their hair and shave their beards as needed. All interested individuals can apply through the following link HERE. Alternatively, you can also apply via email at [email protected].”

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