South African-Croatian Siblings Settle in Croatia and Kickstart a Business

An intriguing entrepreneurial tale of the Miljak brothers who decided to invest their money in Croatia.

A lot of Croatians from all over the world have returned to Croatia in recent years. There have been a number from USA, Canada, Australia, South America and even South Africa, like the Miljaks.

Matej and Krešimir Miljak, along with their sister Angela, were born and raised in South Africa but made the decision to return to Croatia to launch their business and introduce innovation to the Croatian market – the Cupon app.

Shopping and collecting rewards have long gone hand in hand, and shopping centers are doing everything they can to attract customers with this mindset. Every purchase we make is worth more than what we paid for, and a lot of people already have several apps installed on our phones to collect various benefits.

This trend has sparked an interesting entrepreneurial story in Croatia, characterised by complete innovation in the realm of cashback applications.

“During our studies, we closely followed the development of the Croatian economy and recognised the potential in the retail and IT sectors. That’s why we merged two ideas into one and embarked on this investment journey. We decided to introduce a non-existent, simple, and smart concept to the Croatian market, positioning Croatia as our base for future expansion into the rest of Europe,” reveal the enterprising brothers, for whom returning to Croatia after growing up and studying around the world was not a difficult decision.

The Cupon app is designed for any retail company with fiscalised sales directly to customers, and on the other hand, any smartphone user can use the app. Cupon allows customers to receive up to a 5% cashback on their total spending and transfer accumulated points from one retail chain to another, spending them as they wish.

Meet the South African-Croatian siblings who moved to Croatia and launched a business

The Miljak siblings (Private album)

This innovative cashback concept, which offers such flexibility and doesn’t limit users to collecting and spending points in a single retail chain, has generated significant interest in our market, presenting a significant challenge for young entrepreneurs.

“Every business partner who collaborates with us gets the latest lead generation and loyalty app, and they don’t have to pay a cent for its development. Not only do they provide exceptional benefits to their customers, but they can also expect customers from other partners who will track their brand’s promotions within the app and may discover them for the first time. Moreover, partners can monitor customer behaviour and usage within the web application, gaining an additional hands-free marketing channel,” they emphasise, noting that the cost for partners is only incurred when a customer uses Cupon, meaning there is no risk involved. Each store can also monitor the behavior of the entire market in their area to optimise trends and inventory more effectively.

Meet the South African-Croatian siblings who moved to Croatia and launched a business

Matej and Krešimir (Private album)

“Every store in Croatia can become a Cupon app brand partner, and that is the strength of our brand. That’s why we invite all potential partners to get in touch, as no one is too big or too small to work with Cupon,” conclude the Miljak brothers, who believe that choosing Croatia as their business investment destination was a perfect match.

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