Three Million Vehicles Successfully Cross Pelješac Bridge Milestone

Pelješac Bridge to open on July 26

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The Pelješac Bridge has now exceeded three million vehicles in just over a year since it opened for traffic at the end of July last year.

More than three million vehicles have crossed the Pelješac Bridge so far. According to Croatian Roads, the three-millionth vehicle was recorded this morning at around 6:30 am on the bridge that connects two parts of Croatia, as reported by Večernji list.

The Pelješac Bridge achieved the milestone of three million vehicles a little over a year after its opening in late July last year.

In July, 411,265 vehicles crossed the bridge, and in August, 466,502 vehicles did so. In total, during these two peak tourist season months, 877,767 vehicles crossed the bridge.

Croatian Roads reports that the daily average for August was 15,048 vehicles. The internationally recognized and acclaimed Croatian bridge continues to achieve impressive traffic numbers. On June 30th of this year, between 12 and 1 pm, it was recorded that precisely two million and 564 vehicles had crossed the bridge between the mainland and Pelješac.

Croatian Roads are extremely pleased with these statistics, especially since the milestone of two million vehicles was reached just a day before the 10th anniversary of Croatia’s accession to the EU. Moreover, the construction of the bridge, like the entire project of Road Connectivity in Southern Dalmatia, was co-financed by EU funds. Additionally, the Pelješac Bridge exceeded two million vehicles almost a month before the anniversary of its opening on July 26th last year.

The traffic numbers for July and August of this year surpassed expectations at the Croatian Roads Authority. Over a million vehicles crossed the bridge in November 2022. In August of last year, when the bridge had just opened, 455,000 vehicles crossed it, averaging 14,700 per day. This year’s August, however, set a new record as 466,502 vehicles crossed the bridge, with a daily average of 15,048 vehicles.

However, for instance, in February of this year, only 81,200 vehicles crossed the Pelješac Bridge. This highlights the significant seasonal fluctuations in traffic, not only on the Pelješac Bridge but also on highways in Croatia. At the end of July last year, when the bridge was newly opened, it had an average of 16,000 vehicles per day, as people primarily came to see the bridge itself. Pelješac Bridge has become a tourist attraction in its own right, with people now visiting just to cross it and admire its beauty.

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Pelješac Bridge

The beauty and architectural masterpiece that is the Pelješac Bridge have been recognized by experts as well, receiving two prestigious global awards. First, in June, at the International Bridge Conference held in the National Harbor, near Washington, organized by the Western Pennsylvania Engineers Association, it was awarded the Gustav Lindenthal Medal for individual, recent outstanding achievement in bridge construction, demonstrating technical and material innovation, aesthetic value, harmony with the environment, or successful community involvement.

The bridge that connected Croatia also received an award from FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers. FIDIC, celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, will present its prestigious awards for projects on September 12th in Singapore during its Global Infrastructure Conference.

FIDIC recognizes and promotes the achievements and successes of consulting firms’ members and their clients worldwide, acknowledging the significant impact their projects have on the social, economic, and environmental quality of life across the globe. The Pelješac Bridge is precisely such a project.

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