Unveiling Our Post-Summer Tourism Drive: Experience Croatia and Let Us Create Your Unforgettable Memories!

The main summer part of the tourist season is nearing its end, and with the aim of maintaining positive trends for the rest of the year, the Croatian Tourist Board has launched a promotional campaign for the post-season titled “Experience Croatia… your memories are on us!” 

This campaign is running from late August to the end of October in the markets of Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, and Sweden. 

The focus of the promotion is on nautical activities, natural beauty, gastronomy, active, and cultural tourism.

“So far this year, Croatia has been experiencing positive trends in tourist traffic, with an 8 percent increase in arrivals and a 2 percent increase in overnight stays compared to last year. For the remainder of the tourist year, we want to maintain these positive results, which is why we are launching this campaign. Traveling in the pre and post-seasons is becoming increasingly popular due to the pleasant weather and fewer crowds at destinations, as well as more affordable prices for various tourism products and services. This aligns with our strategic plans for the sustainable development of Croatian tourism, where we aim to have year-round tourism operations in the future,” said Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian Tourist Board, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in travel for over 80 percent of global travelers.

"Experience Croatia… your memories are on us!”: Post-summer tourism drive unveiled


Additionally, the Croatian Tourist Board has launched a campaign called “The Great Croatian Road Trip” on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The goal is to position Croatia as a sustainable and easily accessible destination, full of hidden gems, preserved nature, and cultural diversity along local roads. 

These activities are carried out in 14 European markets where travel suggestions will be highlighted. 

This is to ensure that our road-tripping guests can best explore the landscape, cultural landmarks, and the natural beauty of Croatia. The aim is to promote travel outside of the main summer months, highlight accessibility and the quality of the offer, and encourage travel enthusiasts to take their time to thoroughly explore all that Croatian destinations have to offer.

It’s worth noting that the American host and journalist, Michaela Guzy, is currently in Croatia. She is here in collaboration with the Croatian Tourist Board, the New York Office of the Croatian Tourist Board, and the network of tourist boards in our country for the filming of her popular show, “OH THE PEOPLE YOU MEET with Michaela Guzy.” 

"Experience Croatia… your memories are on us!”: Post-summer tourism drive unveiled


During her stay in Croatia, Michaela will be exploring local cuisine, local wine and olive oil producers, delving into the historical and cultural heritage, and staying at accommodation facilities that operate on sustainability principles.

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