Vinkovci’s Magnificent Autumn Festival Parade: A Source of Pride for Croatia

Photo: Vinkovačkih jeseni

In splendid and magnificent tradition, full of joy and song, Vinkovci these days shine brightly. Just like every year, today is dedicated to the grand procession of the 58th Vinkovci Autumn Festival. Unfortunately, there were no horse riders and carriages this year due to well-known circumstances. They were preparing, as they do every year, to showcase their great treasure, the proud and spirited Lipizzaner horses. This year, they were absent, but they will be back next year, even prouder, they say, with that well-known Slavonian spirit…Photo: Vinkovačkih jeseniPhoto: Vinkovačkih jeseni

However, there were folk dancers from all over Croatia and those from the diaspora. Over 2,000 of them, dressed in their regional costumes and following their customs, paraded through the town, accompanied by the applause of numerous visitors, locals, and guests who come to the Autumn Festival with the same enthusiasm as the participants.Photo: Vinkovačkih jeseni

From the central stage, Mayor Ivan Bosančić greeted them all, calling for the procession to begin. “Dear Vinkovci women, Vinkovci men, and all the guests who are here in our most beautiful city in the world. Over the past few days, we have proven that we still know how to preserve our traditions, be hospitable, and create a great atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who helped us have these wonderful ten days of our Vinkovci Autumn Festival. Enjoy Vinkovci today, especially the most beautiful part of it, our procession. Let the procession begin,” the mayor exclaimed.Photo: Vinkovačkih jeseni

Loudly from the central park, the Kubura drums of the Kubura Association from Maruševec resounded, followed by the vanguard of the procession: the Majorette Association of the Nuštar Municipality, the Osijek Wind Orchestra, flags and banners carried by participants from Mladost and the Beauty of Slavonia, the guard of the Croatian Falcon Vinkovci, the Vinkovci Šokac clans, KUD Tkanica Vinkovci, the First Kandžija Association Kruševica 2010, the mandolin orchestra “Okruk” from Okrug Gornji, and Ethno Golubica Vinkovci. Behind them, folk dancers moved from group to group, singing and dancing proudly, cherishing the richness of tradition they faithfully uphold.Photo: Vinkovačkih jeseniPhoto: Vinkovačkih jeseni

“Like every year, we have a very rich vanguard, and behind them, we have 61 folklore groups from all over Croatia, and a few from the diaspora. In total, over 2,000 participants in the procession. Once again, we have the opportunity to showcase our truly rich cultural heritage, and we hope to present it in the best possible way to all the visitors here in Vinkovci and to everyone who will be watching us on Croatian Television,” emphasized Ivan Lion, coordinator of the grand procession of the 58th Vinkovci Autumn Festival.Photo: Vinkovačkih jeseniPhoto: Vinkovačkih jeseni

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